I am in Salt Lake City, Utah today.  I took a plane by myself yesterday for the first time in . . . EVER?  The first time in a long time.  I was so excited to be in a seat, alone, with a book and my ipod.  It was heaven for about an hour.  Then we hit some turbulence, and I spent the rest of the trip doing concentrated breathing, white-knuckling the armrests, and holding a bag in front of me trying my best not to puke.  I didn’t.  I could have, though.

I was picked up at the airport by two people I’ve never met, who agreed to let me tag along after I tweeted about a need for a ride.  We’ve officially dubbed this practice “twitchiking”.   I don’t recommend it . . . thought it turned out very well for me.  Even though I was still holding that bag up to my mouth when they met me.  Lucky for me they let me in the car anyway.  (Thank you Allison and Riley).

Then I met up with two other people I’ve never met, who I’m sharing a hotel room with.  Again, something I don’t recommend: sleeping with people after you meet online.  But again, working out well. (Thank you Heather and Melissa).

Heather, Me, and Not Melissa (Shannon)

I am speaking at a blog conference this weekend.  This is my first blogging conference.  It is a crazy alternate universe here, where people talk about SEO and URLs and WHRRL, and introduce each other with their blog name instead of their real name.  Being here feels very much like being at a theatre convention.  On the one hand, I look around and think, these are my people.  On the other hand, I look around and think, crap we are a bunch of nerds.

I am have a blast with group of fun, smart women.  We’ve had intense conversations about loss and sex and faith and lame PR pitches.  After our sessions today, a group of us went to a karoake bar for some of the best people-watching I’ve seen in a long time.  David Lynch has nothing on Utah.

What’s that one about 12 Mormons, 3 Christians, and a non-practicing Jew walking into a bar . . . ?

Fun night.  I miss my kids.  Speaking on blogging and faith tomorrow, and home on Sunday.  Hopefully with a less bumpy ride.