Today, my little baby turns one year old. 
Karis is truly a joy.  She is such a happy baby.  She seems to find delight in every situation, whether she is laughing at Kembe’s dancing or trying to feed me her bottle.  She is a bundle of cuteness.
I love this stage, for all the wide-eyed curiosity and unbridled enthusiasm for the world.  At the same time, she’s entering that precocious toddler stage, hallmarked by the dangerous combo of mobility + lack of reasoning.  She is also becoming more ans more interested in seemingly destroying whatever you are working on.  Are you building a tower with blocks?  Here, let me knock it down.  Are you folding laundry?  Here, let me scatter it across the floor.  Did you just finish putting India’s clothes away?  Here, let me empty that draw for you again.

She is also (gulp) walking now.  She is walking earlier than any of her siblings did.  I’m sure all the coaching she has received has had something to do with that.

We are so thankful for our little Karis and the brightness she brings to our family.