Troy and Tara Livesay’s daughter Paige is running a half-marathon to raise money for Haiti.  Paige is 15 years old and has lived in Haiti for four years.  I have never seen a teenager with so much compassion for others.  The day after the earthquake, she was literally fighting with her parents to be able to go out to the street clinics and help the wounded.  She is an amazing girl.  Her goal is to get a few houses built for a few families who have lost their homes.  You should help her.

My friend Heather wrote a great post describing mommy bloggers as the Mary Kay ladies of the internet.  Heather and I have never met in person, but I am excited to be sharing a bed with her at an upcoming conference.  Because I like meeting people online and then sleeping with them (Hi Jamie Ivey!). (Christine, you’re next).

In a brutally honest post that I think will resonate with most moms, Catherine Conner write about the ten things she hates about motherhood.  And pretty much describes my existence right now.

Have I mentioned that I think the whole “colorblind to race” theory may not serve us well?  Brendesha Tynes has some new research that suggests people who identify as colorblind are less sensitive to racism.