Things that do not make me smile:

Writhing, headless lizard tails in the backyard (don’t ask)
The mouse in the bathroom (still there, in this position)

Earthquakes centered under my house
Insomnia (fueled by above)

Things that make me smile:

My kids thinking that THEY are babysitting Adalee
The victory of getting five children down for a simultaneous nap today, however brief
Being invited to a media event at a local spa (you had me at hello)
This cute moment:

The kid’s menu and happy hour at Z-Teja’s (and someone else cleaning up the floor)
The way Karis belly-laughs when I tickle her neck
 Glee flashmobs (about 1.30 minutes in for pure awesomeness)

FYI, if Jafta made his own list of things he likes, writhing headless lizard tails would be #1 on the list.