I went looking for a photo of our family from last Easter, because I was thinking about what a contrast it was between this year and last. Last year we only had TWO KIDS. We had a few more kids hunting for Easter eggs this year. When I looked on my blog for a photo, I couldn’t find one. Why hadn’t I posted our family shot? I finally found it deep within the folders of my laptop.

Hmm? Why didn’t I make this public? Perhaps because my 10-months pregnant face was bloated beyond recognition? Or was there another reason I’m missing?

(Look!  More kids this year!  And none of them picking their nose!)

Last year I skipped out on all things Easter because I was in that awful end-of-pregnancy stage where I couldn’t go anywhere without waddling, having my belly touched, or having people gasp at how “ready to pop” I looked.  Man, am I glad that is over.   This year, I was able to enjoy the holiday with my family – and with our newest additions.  The kids woke up to easter baskets and hidden eggs, and then we went to church. We came home and had the family over for brunch, and had another egg hunt in the back yard.  The kids had a blast and ate way too much sugar.  It was a great day.