We have a 19-month-old houseguest for a couple days.  Our friends Brandi and Jessie are in the process of adopting from Ghana, and they traveled there to meet their new son and attend his adoption hearing.  We offered to watch their daughter for a few days towards the end of their trip, because I wanted to support them and know how hard the process can be.  My kids were SO PUMPED for her to come.  They might have smothered her when she got here.  Just a smidge.
While having a 5th child is pushing our already crazy house into the insane territory, it is also fun and oddly relaxing about having a houseguest.  I think there is something to just surrendering to the fact that nothing will get done.  (I mean, generally, nothing does get done.  But at least while Adalee is here, I am more willing to accept that fact). (Perhaps this is a strategy I should employ when I don’t have a guest).  (Somehow I doubt that will happen).  We had a blast today, playing in the backyard and letting the kids run through the sprinkler.
Adalee’s parents were scheduled to come home on Tuesday, but they are stuck in African indefinitely due to the volcanic ash, since their flights home go through Europe.  The good news is that their adoption is final in Ghana, and they should be able to bring their son home this summer after they get US approval.  But I know they are anxious to come home right now.  If you are of the praying persuasion, say one for them.  And Brandi, if you get to read this from Africa, Adalee is having a blast!