Yesterday was a day of fulfilled dreams.

First of all, Jafta won MOST IMPROVED CAMPER OF THE WEEK at his basketball camp. He was so excited! He had a great last day and proved that mommy’s neurotic insecurities were mostly just projections based on her own lack of corrective emotional experience and fear of competition due to unresolved family of origin issues. Or something like that.

Then, after basketball, we went to a toy store and India got to meet Zac Ephron in the flesh cardboard!! She was thrilled, and it was really adorable to see her so excited.

(And by adorable, I mean scary. Horrific, really. To see a two-year-old so smitten and nervous and giddy over a life-sized cutout of a teenage boy . . . Trouble.)

Then when we got home, Karis figured out how to suck on her thumb and play with her toes AT THE SAME TIME. I know. Big time. She’s working her way up to actually sucking on the toes themselves, but this was a big step in that direction. You can’t fly to close too the sun.

We’re keeping dreams alive, baby!