On Saturday we went up to LA for a little “Haiti Reunion”. Jafta got to hang out with Jenny and Jeffrey – two kids from Keanan’s orphanage who came home in December. Jeffrey and Jafta always had a lot of fun to together on our visits to Haiti, and it was so great to see him home with his adoptive family. I’ve been feeling really discouraged about our adoption lately and it was so good for me to be reminded that kids do come home. I also got to hang with some other adoptive parents and Jessica, who was a volunteer at the orphanage for several months.

We had a great Father’s Day today. Mark took a speaking gig, not realizing it was Father’s Day, so we all headed up to the church where he was speaking for the morning Jafta was really excited to hear Mark talk, so we made a deal that if he was quiet, he could stay in “big church”, but if he was loud, he had to go to his class. He did a pretty good job, except for the fact that every 30 seconds or so he would loudly whisper to me, “I’m being really quiet! Look how quiet I’m being!” Which sort of defeats the purpose, but oh well.
We had lunch at a tastey Cuban restaurant. (We had Cuban for Mother’s Day as well. A theme?) Then after lunch we had ice cream at an old-school dinner. My in-laws joined us for the day, and the kids had a blast.

Here is a picture of Mark being the Superdad he is. He was trying to feed a fussy Karis, and then India wanted him to hold her too, while she pretended to be a baby with a toy bottle. Then Jafta got jealous and decided he needed to be in daddy’s lap with his sisters. And so it goes with three.