My new friend Debra tagged me with this fun list today. Debra is adopting from Haiti, too. I cannot even tell you how many cool women I have met in the blog world who are adopting from Haiti. It’s a fun community to be a part of. Debra is adopting Ronel and has some really cute t-shirts to fundraise. Check them out!

Okay, the tagging part:

8 TV Shows that I watch

1. The Office

2. 30 Rock

3. The Daily Show

4. The Colbert Report

5. Anderson Cooper 360

6. Project Runway

7. Celebrity Rehab

8. Arrested Development re-runs (RIP)

8 Favorite Restaraunts

1. Habana (cuban)

2. Memphis (soul food)

3. 118 Degrees (raw)

4. Native Foods (vegan)

5. Gypsy Den (yummy)

6. Felix’s (cuban)

7. Wahoo’s (mexican/asian)

8. Chipotle (best fast food ever)

8 Things that happened to me today

1. woke up still illin’ with a cold

2. went to church

3. leftovers for lunch

4. wrapped Christmas gifts

5. did laundry

6. packed the kid’s clothes for Florida

7. attempted nap: unsuccessful

8. dinner with Sarah for her birthday

8 Things I look forward to

1. getting Keanan home

2. meeting my new daughter

3. having a date night

4. summer (warm weather + daylight savings)

5. going to Africa again

6. backpacking Europe as a family

7. India being potty-trained

8. getting my piano tuned and having time to play

8 Things I wish for

1. more diversity at my church

2. a bigger backyard

3. a correspondence spot on The Daily Show

4. a small, eco-friendly car that seats 6

5. food, education, healthcare, and a fair wage for ALL

6. contentment

7. happiness for my children

8. a decent public school in my neighborhood

8 People I tag

1. Jodie
2. Sarah
3. Nancy
4, Ali
5. Andrea
6. Anne
7. Kristi
8. Julie