Jafta had his first t-ball practice last week. It was so cute. He was so excited about it, and did a great job. I can’t believe how these coaches managed 20+ three-year-olds. Jafta hung on every word his coach said, and has been asking to go back every day.

I was a little worried about how this class would go for home. At home, Jafta gets really frustrated when he can’t do something perfectly right away. He loves sports – ALL SPORTS – and wants to be able to play them just like daddy can. (I mentioned his dismay that the Angel’s didn’t let him play on the team a few weeks ago). He tries to play baseball and basketball in the backyard and can get really upset if he doesn’t hit the ball or make a basket. He will throw the bat, stomp his feet, whine and cry when things don’t go well. I talked to a friend Andrea about it, wondering if maybe he needed to mature a little before putting him into an organized sport. She reassured me that kids act completely different with teachers and coaches than they do at home.

Well, she was right. He was patient, coachable, and a great listener. He didn’t get frustrated, waited his turn, and had such a good attitude. He had a great time, and I was so proud of him!!