Just wanted to share this time-saving tip with other moms:

I like having our beds made, but I was getting really tired of making my son’s bed every morning. He has a captain’s bed, that is high and against the wall, so it was a lot of tucking, a lot of climbing, a lot of tucking. So. . . .
I decided to leave his bed made and have him sleep on top of the comforter/quilt. At night, we just cover him with the red blanket. In the morning, all I have to do is fold the red blanket. No climbing, no tucking, just folding. Under the quilt, I have a wide piece of plastic liner over the sheets, so if there is ever a night-time accident, all I have to do is pull off the quilt and wash it. I don’t even deal with the sheets. Ever. Once a week, I wash the red blanket and the quilt. Easy peasy.
I highly recommend that you revolt against making your child’s bed, until they are old enough to make it themselves.