I’ve mentioned that we’ve been doing some phobia management to prepare Jafta to NOT freak out during the neighborhood fireworks show tomorrow. We’ve worked up to watching actual fireworks in the front yard today. Yes, he is wearing a helmet (his decision), and yes, he has his hands over his ears. But our hard work has paid off: he watched several fireworks without screaming. Success!

Um, one minor detail I forgot to address in all my earnest 4th of July planning. I HAVE ANOTHER CHILD. A toddler. In my efforts to placate Jafta’s phobia, I have completely overlooked India’s feelings on loud, brighly colored explosions in the front yard. She took one look at those fireworks and began a freak-out meltdownthat could be heard from several blocks away. There was screaming and gnashing of teeth. I have never seen my daughter so upset. In between her shreiking, she was sobbing, “too scary, too scary, too scary”.



In other news, I have to brag on my son and the little comedian he is becoming. We’ve been talking about the 4th of July block party tomorrow, and this afternoon he ran and grabbed one of India’s blocks, and thought it was really funny to act out his version of a “block party”.

A double entendre? At three years old? Think of the sarcastic goodness this could yield with a few more years of training. . . .