I have really bad insomnia. II have always had trouble falling asleep. So I’m constantly up late at night, and I usually end up watching tv. And late-night tv . . . It’s brutal. Infomercials kill me, but what may possibly be worse is the commercials that are really late. At that time of night, the majority of commercials are for Girls Gone Wild videos, phone sex lines, and how to buy things with bad credit. It doesn’t do much for your self-esteem to be in that demographic. Evidently, if I’m up late at night, I must be a horny perv with bad credit.

And this Girls Gone Wild commercials are the worst. What is wrong with these girls? Is there someone behind the camera directing them, saying, “When you pull your shirt up, I want you to stick your tongue out a little bit, and don’t look directly at the camera. In fact, look slightly to the side as if your eyes weren’t focused at all. Go a little dead behind the eyes. Yes! That’s it!”

Then, the other night, another wonderful “party line” commercial comes on and there are beautiful actresses pretending to be bored and waiting for someone to call them for some fun. And guess who is playing one of these said phone sirens? A very young Ageline Lilly. Yep, Kate! From LOST!!

I guess things have really picked up for her.