I don’t know how much staying-at-the-house we actually do. We definitely leave the house every single day. I would go stir crazy but also Jafta BEGS to leave the house. If I try staying home in the mornings, he starts negotiating:

“mommy, can we go swimming?”
“NO, we’re staying home today”
“AHHHH! mommy, can we go to Nate’s house!?”
“NO, Jafta, we’re just staying home today”
“mommy, can we go to the park?”

then he starts in on anything he think will work just to leave the house

“mommy, we have to go to Target”
“mommy, we need to get groceries. Go to Vons”

Seriously, this kid hates being at home. It kind of bums me out because we are out and about so much that I get nothing done at home. I usually leave the house early in the morning, and then come home right before their nap times. And then after the nap, Jafta starts in again . . .

“mommy, can we go to a restaurant?”