At court this morning the judge terminated the birthparents’ parental rights! This was a huge court decision and one we have been waiting for to confirm that we could adopt Jafta. This names us as prospective adoptive parents officially. We are back where we were in December 2005 . . . only two years later! Hopefully things can move quickly from this point.

We have to wait 60 days to find out if an appeal is filed. Believe it or not, yes, this could happen again, but hopefully things were done right this time. At the end of 60 days we can sign placement papers and then it is a matter of paperwork and, surprise, more waiting.

Again, we thank you profusely for all of the prayer in the last two years during all this upheaval and uncertainty. It has been stressful and you have prayed for us sometimes when we could not. I think back to the list of payer requests I sent earlier this year, thinking that some things were just unrealistic, but asking God anyway. We were told there would be reinstated visits, we were told to expect drama and fighting in the courtroom, we were told to expect years and years for this appeal to be solved. We are so thankful God worked a miracle in this and that Jafta has been protected from all of it. So thank you for praying with mighty faith!