Once again, we drove to the courthouse this morning to find out that there was no hearing. Apparently one of the attorneys was out for the day, and our attorney “forgot” to tell us. It’s cool. We love taking time and pay off work, hiring sitters, waking at the crack of dawn, and driving the scenic 710 to Los Angeles a couples times a month.
They are most likely going to reschedule for August 9th (Mark’s birthday), and we have a trip to Seattle planned for that week. So we’ll be biting our nails and waiting for our court-appointed attorney to call us to tell us what happened. It’s all good . . . she’s really good at returning phone calls and keeping us in the loop. Right.
Lest we sound bitter, at least I have another good Ghetto Family Court story. This is what we overheard in front of the courthouse as a woman tried to park in a no-parking zone:

SECURITY: Sorry, lady, you can’t park here.
CRAZY LADY: I’m parking here.
SECURITY: Do you want a ticket?
CRAZY LADY: Do you want to die???

Not sure how that one ended. We didn’t want to die, so we didn’t stick around.Alright, friends, please keep praying. Our attorney did say that they are all pushing for birthmom to relinquish her rights voluntarily. Please pray she would make this decision SOON.