Hey friends and family,

Mark and I are alive and well in Haiti. I’m on a satellite-and-generator run computer in the missionary’s house, safe and secure behind a barb wire gate, an armed guard, and two dogs as big as horses. It’s a different world over here.We arrived early this morning, with suitcases packed full of supplies for the orphanage. We spent the day hanging out with the kids. It is an amazing ministry they are doing here. The kids are beautiful and so well cared for. We are struggling with wanting to bring ALL of them home.

We have some big decisions to make about our family and visiting has made it all the more difficult and exciting at the same time. We are giddy and nervous and kind of freaking out . . .We are heading home tomorrow. We will have lots of stories to tell. Please pray that we make our connection and for the kids as they stay with my sister.If you want to learn more about this orphanage, check out the movie on their webpage:http://heartlineministries.org/default.aspx.

Mark and Kristen