We were officially certified to be foster/adoptive parents last week! It’s been a long road – our first appointment with the adoption agency was March 13th of last year – the same day of the fateful accident. Talk about a day that changed our lives! Several classes, interviews, family statements, and child-safety-locks later, we are now ready to go!

We are adopting through the state of California from the foster care system. We decided we wanted to do this many years ago, when we had read about the crisis of non-infant children waiting for homes in foster care. It seems that there is a major shortage of families willing to accept children who are minority and part of a sibling set, which the state tries to keep together. So, because we never do things the easy way, it looks like our introduction to parenting will be an instant family of school-aged children.

Over the next few months, our social worker will be looking for children that they consider to be a good fit for us. Adopting through the state means that they will be our foster children for about a year until they are legally free for adoption.

We are very excited to be “expecting” in our own unique way. We’ve been preparing our house and coming to terms with the fact that life as we know it will soon be changed forever. We’re wondering about our children in the typical ways expectant parents do – What will they look like? What will their personality be like? And some not-so-typical questions: How old will they be? How many kids are coming? When will they get here?