How did Mark get hit?
Mark pulled over when we saw an accident happen in front of us on the 55N. He pulled off the Del Mar/Fair exit, and was standing in the shoulder of the exit ramp trying to calm down one of the drivers, when another approaching car braked and skidded into him. We think that Mark was hit from behind, which broke his leg and ankle, and then thrown, which caused the breaks to his pelvis and injuries to his head and lungs.

How much do you remember?
Mark remembers hearing the third car screeching, and remembers diving out of the way. The next thing he remembers is being put on a gurney by the ambulance crew.

Did Kristen see Mark get hit?
I was in our car calling 911 about the accident when he was hit, so I didn’t see it happen. After the second accident, we realized that Mark was missing and started searching for him, and found him further down the exit ramp, fortunately still in the shoulder.

What happened to the other drivers?
We aren’t sure. We were told that the other drivers sustained no serious injuries. It was not a hit-and-run, but we have had no contact or information about the person who hit Mark.

Was anyone drunk?
We don’t know.