Mark has had a great week since my last post. As I mentioned, he’s been locked at the hip so that he can only bend at a 0-30 degree angle. We were bummed to find that out, but his physical therapists have been very creative in helping him gain mobility despite this. He has a reclining wheelchair that can accommodate his brace, and he is able to remain straight so they have been working him on walking on his left leg. His right leg will not be weight-bearing for several weeks, but with the cast on his left leg he is able to take small steps with a walker. Today he walked the length of the hallway in the rehab unit, which was a huge accomplishment!

He also had another first today – his first shower! Yes, I hear the smirks, and indeed we are all very happy about that one. It wasn’t quite the same as at home – they used a modified shower chair and propped up his legs, but he is now one happy (and clean) camper. Our friend Faith came and gave him a haircut tonight, so he’s looking very cute in that hospital gown.

We’re learning how to adjust to life in the hospital. Fortunately, the rehab unit is very empty right now, so he has the room to himself and I can spend the night. We had life group on Thursday night here in his room (Mark just wanted to show how dedicated he is to his ministry!)

We’ve found that it helps to pretend that we’re actually on a cruise, rather than in a hospital. There are lots of similarities, really. Cramped quarters, small beds, daily linen service, scheduled activities, and you can order a meal any time of the day for no charge. Now whenever Mark feels nauseated I tell him he’s just seasick. Nothing like denial to get you through a crisis.

We are so thankful for the visits, cards, e-mails, and meals you’ve been sending our way. I can’t tell you how loved this entire experience has made us feel. Daily, one of the hospital staff will comment on how great our friends are. We agree.