Mark had a great day today. He had his first session of physical therapy, and was able to sit up in bed for the first time. He was also fitted for his leg and pelvic brace, which he’ll be wearing for several weeks.

Mark’s lungs have passed the critical stage, and he will not require a ventilator. He still needs oxygen because of the swelling, but the doctor anticipates that going down over the next week.

His blood count is still low, but not low enough for another transfusion yet. We’re hoping he can go without one, and that his body will heal on its own.

The question of abdominal injuries is still looming. The doctors have done a CT scan every day, but are still not confident enough to rule it out. It was confirmed that he sustained a bruised kidney, but this can heal itself. Please pray that they can clear him of any other injuries. We would all love to have this concern lifted. Plus, Mark wants to get that tube out of his throat and eat a hamburger!

Mark was in great spirits tonight. Please keep his emotions in your prayers. I think that the reality of all of this hits us in waves, and there are some very low moments. I went to the scene of the accident today to take photos and it really hit me – Mark is lucky to be alive. This has been echoed by all of his doctors, and it is truly amazing that he has been protected from paralysis, head trauma, punctured lungs, and more broken bones. I know that he has been covered by a blanket of prayer, and we are both so touched by the support you have all extended.