I’m once again petitioning for prayer for Mark. He had a rough day today, with some discouraging news. Apparently, a mistake was made when he was fitted for the brace, and he managed to go for a week without the brace “locked”, meaning he was able to sit in a wheelchair, sit up in bed, etc. We had assumed that this was the normal functioning, (as had his physical therapists) but today his orthopedic doctor became aware of the “oversight” and informed us that Mark’s brace, spanning from his hips to his ankle, is to be locked at a 30 degree angle until his pelvic fractures have healed . This means that he is stuck in the “laying down” position and unable to bend his waist.

This was a major blow, especially since he had already gotten used to the wheelchair. (It also doesn’t make us feel very confident in the care he’s receiving for this to go unnoticed for so long, but that’s another story . . ) It does not affect his recovery – in fact, it should speed it, since for the past week he’s been moving improperly and having a good deal of pain. But for Mark, the idea of laying down and being immobile for several weeks is very daunting.

They also gave us an estimate today of the recovery time, which was also longer than we were anticipating. He will probably be here in the hospital rehab unit for another three weeks, and will then spend about a month at home in a reclining wheelchair before they will even begin the therapy to get him walking again.

It was hard to stay positive today, but I believe that our prayers are powerful, and I’ve seen God’s provision through specific prayer. Please pray for Mark:
– that he will not be discouraged and can find God’s peace in the midst of this trial
– that his nausea will decrease and that he can increase his food intake
– that his physical pain is minimized
– that the duration of time for the bones to heal will be quickened

Also, please pray for the doctors and physical therapists working with him.

On a brighter note, Mark’s facial stitches were removed today and he looks great. We are also blessed by him having his own room where I can spend the night. The wing is nearly empty, so we have plenty of space, which is a rarity in this type of setting. And Mark’s mom and I have painstakingly decorated his room with your notes, pictures, and cards (and a few curtains from IKEA, of course).Kristen