The Bachelor Finale: it’s not okay

Photo Mar 11, 2 03 30 PM Sarah and I could have gone on and on about this train wreck of a finale. From the family throwing him under the bus to the women ignoring all the red flags to the tense exchanges between Chris Harrison and Juan Pablo . . . this show was straight-up cringey. And confusing. And a cautionary tale to women about “following your heart” instead of using your brain. ) What did you make of the finale? What do you think Juan Pablo said to Claire? Why was Juan Pablo so pissy with Chris Harrison? And WHAT IS NIKKI THINKING? If you like these recaps, subscribe here!

The Bachelor Recap: The Woman Tell All

the bachelor women tell all Sarah James and I are talking about the Women Tell All episode of The Bachelor, which frankly . . . made us a little uncomfortable. I share a theory on who JPab ends up with (plot twist!), we speculate on the next Bachelorette, and we squirm as each contestant confirms her disdain for JPab despite crying over their lost love in the limo on the way out. Oh, and here is our friend who may need some counseling after the finale next week. the bachelor calm down girl the bachelor girl calm down girl Any predictions for next week?

It’s okay. The Bachelor fantasy suite recap is here.

First of all, apologies for skipping last week. I was out of town, and also perhaps underestimating how many of you would be asking for our recap. This one is a twofer, since we got an episode both Monday and Tuesday night this week. And since I’d missed the previous week, that meant I returned home from vacation to SIX HOURS of The Bachelor. But I did it. I watched it all. I hope you appreciate it. bachelor recap overnight dates What is happening in this photo? Are we praying? Singing worship songs? You’ll have to watch to find out. In this recap, Sarah and I do our best not to gloat but I have to say, WE CALLED IT. Episode 2, we were saying exactly what Andi figured out in the fantasy suite. If only she’d been watching our recaps, we could have spared her some time. But it’s okay. Here’s what we thought about the hometown dates and the fantasy suite. Alright, what are your thoughts . . . what do you think actually goes on during these overnight dates? And what is the deal with Juan Pablo?  Is he a jerk, or just totally clueless? Or both? P.S. If you don’t want to miss a recap, head on over to my YouTube channel and hit the subscribe button!

The Bachelor Recap: Season 18 (Juan Pablo) Episode 6

the bachelor recap episode 6 Cassandra has the worst birthday ever. Clare and JPab find themselves between a rock and a hard place. Juan Pablo reminds Renee that she is a mom in case she forgot. Sharlene seems more sure about her feelings for the Hobbit house than she does for Juan Pablo. Here’s our recap of the latest episode of the worst Bachelor in Bachelor history.

If it’s not Juan thing with this guy, it’s another (The Bachelor recap, episode 6)

bachelor recap episode 5 Our stock in J-Pab continues to plummet. Granted, it shouldn’t be shocking that the main character on a skeevy show acts like a skeeve. But Juan Pablo’s ever-emerging misogyny and self-importance is becoming vomit-inducing. Especially the whole “can you stop crying for me while I invade your space and force you to look at me” schtick. Juan Pablo, Sarah and I are not impressed.