So Totally Relidge: The morning after pill, abortion, birth control accessibility for minors, and a minefield of ethical questions

In this episode of So Totally Relidge, Elizabeth Esther and I are discussing the new law that lowered the age of accessibility for the Plan B pill to 14. It sparked some really interesting debate (as you will see, Elizabeth and I have VERY different opinions).  The conversation left me thinking for days – I think it’s my favorite episode yet. We explored the accusation that Plan B is an abortion pill, we talked about whether or not we feel birth control should be offered to minors, and we discussed the concept of “unwanted” pregnancies. You know . . . just minor things. I would love to hear your thoughts on these issues! Do you think Plan B is an abortion pill? Do you think we need more access to birth control for teens? Do you think teen pregnancy is inherently bad, or can it be a blessing?

So Totally Relidge! [a weekly recap of religion on the internet]: feminists and the lost art of servanthood?

so totally relidge a weekly recap of religion on the internet

This week on our recap of religious hot topics on the internet, Elizabeth and I are talking about the role of women (again!), and the controversial “open letter to feminists”by Emily Wierenga at Prodigal Magazine.  Entitled “The lost art of servanthood (a letter to my feminist sisters)”, the letter suggested feminist women have become “too angry to serve or to be opened up to a larger purpose.”  The post also detailed several anecdotal stories touting the benefits of submission, including one about a woman who was beaten by her husband but stayed until he eventually became a Christian..

This post got quite a bit of pushback from readers. Elizabeth and I discuss the debate, and our own reactions to the post:

Did you read the post? What did you think of the content? What are your thoughts about the ensuing debate? Was the pushback warranted? Was it appropriate?

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So totally relidge (a week in review): Sexual abuse in the church

We’re back! After a brief hiatus due to someone forgetting to turn on the microphone technical difficulties during our last shoot, Elizabeth and I are once again sitting down to recap the hot topics from the religious blogosphere. Last week, a number of faith bloggers had a conversation about overcoming spiritual abuse in the church. Much of the dialogue focused on sexual abuse. It’s a timely topic, as a high-profile church network was recently sued for allegedly covering up abuse within the church. It’s also a personal topic for both of us . . . Elizabeth is Catholics and her church has had it’s fair share of scandal in relation to sexual abuse, and my own church unfortunately had a recent incident where a sunday school teacher was discovered to be a child molester. Here are some of the links that inspired this week’s conversation: The Scar of Sexual Abuse by Mary DeMuth Proper Treatment for Sexual Abuse: 7 Questions to Consider When we criticize the church by Micah Murray Your journey and consequences of spiritual abuse by Joy Bennett

“The next time someone tells you that reporting suspected abuse within the Christian community will “hurt the cause of Christ”, tell them that we are attempting to rob God of worship when we leave criminal behavior to fester and grow in the darkness of silence. “

“Don’t Talk About It”: Reflections on Spiritual Abuse by Kristen Rosser When saying no doesn’t help a guest post for Elora Nicole No More Silence: An interview with Boz Tchividjian Rachel Held Evans did a comprehensive link-up of related posts and resources here. What are your thoughts on sexual abuse in the church? How can churches better prevent sexual abuse, and what do you think is best practice when the issue is discovered?