so you think you can create a complex dance metaphor

The kids and I are catching up on some So You Think You Can Dance.  This show feels like a bit of a milestone for our family, because it’s the first show that we actually all watch together and enjoy.  Well, I should clarify – I enjoy.  The rest of them beg me to turn it to Jake and The Neverland Pirates every five minutes, and then I threaten to just turn off the tv altogether, and then they huff and acquiesce because a show about dancing is better than trying to entertain themselves without the tv on GOD FORBID.

Anyways, I love this show, but has anyone else noticed that the story behind the dances are getting more and more elaborate?  To the point of absurdity?

The first season it was acceptable for the dance to just be a certain style.  It’s broadway!  It’s rhumba!  But then that little number about the soldier going off to war happened and now every show has to have a backstory to rival the plot of Mulholland Drive.

I mean, I guess it is hard to come up with 10 variations of “you are a couple who used to be in love and now you are sad” each week.  But seriously:

You are a couple that was in love, but then you both found out you were cheating on each other. AT THE SAME TIME. WITH THE SAME PERSON.

You are both woodpeckers.  One of you is older and wiser.  One of you is young and optimistic, but needs to learn more about life.  The older one is more like a woodpecker MENTOR.  Are you feeling it?  Are you really getting in touch with this character? ‘Cause I’m not getting enough woodpecker from you.

So, for our collective enjoyment, I thought I would give you the chance to suggest your own SYTYCD backstory.  If you were a choreographer, what would be your inspiration?  The commenter with the most ridiculous story will win a very, very valuable Rage Against the Minivan bumper sticker that you can use to adorn your own loser cruiser.  Or give to your child to adhere to your kitchen floor.  Your call.

Incidentally, I love that Debbie Reynolds is on it this week, because it reminded me to share this awesome video for you that Boo Mama posted on her blog.  In case you like to wash down your breakfast with a couple Quaaludes and a pint of gin, I’ve got the perfect workout video for you.

If only Debbie had Travis as her choreographer, to give her some deeper motivation . . .

Raise your hand if you’ve slept with Howard Hughes.  AND FLEX!