Life Lately

Visiting a friend at @chocchildrens today and these hams somehow found a way to get on the air.

When you really want to make sure your kid is clear on your “do not use the hotspot” policy on their phone. #assholeparent

When your happy place is the same … Lea Michele and Darren Chris at @segerstromarts

Sunset skate @jaftahowerton

Ron Swanson in the house. #parksandrec

Wednesday is not here for your shenanigans.


                                                                                   Make sure to vote Leslie Knope!

#getoutthevote @officialamypoehler @amypoehlersmartgirls  #parksandrec

Life Lately

We went to the school Halloween event as “off-duty witches who like lounging in caftans from Amazon”

Kembe’s chosen outfit. I … I don’t know.

Post-cotillion Target run. 🔥 🔥


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Howerton kids representing in the back. Not pictured: Karis on xylophone behind the pillar. 🤘

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Operation “systematic desensitization” in preparation for Tokyo with my fish-phobic girls. We walked through the store and bought All The Snacks and mostly did not freak out about the raw fish smells. Baby steps.


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It would appear that @indiahowerton shares my enthusiasm for karaoke. 😂😂

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Life Lately

Lest you think India’s donut wall creation was completely benevolent, she had grand plans to repurpose it for her own party. Thanks @duckdonuts for the perfect donuts for our wall!

#TBT to that time I got the girls to play a sport.

And that’s a wrap on Kembe’s 12th birthday bash!

Alright which @warbyparker’s? Went to the eye doc yesterday and I am officially in need of glasses. Astigmatism as well as just a general inability to read small print. Which frames should I choose?
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Karis, pretending to be a therapist. 😂😂

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Life Lately

He wanted sparkly nails. His sister obliged.

Was just gifted this giant coffee table from a friend who thought it was copper. It had turned completely black. But I’ve started cleaning it. And it looks more yellow than copper. Brass? Bronze? Also the patina is black, not green like copper. And lastly, how do I clean it? Getting this much black off took me about an hour with a copper scrub and I’ve got a lot more to go … it’s almost 5’x5’.

Two and a half days in NYC and I managed to pack in two shows, a trip to the high line and Chelsea market, Central Park, @colorfactoryco, meals with dear friends, and some of the best food I’ve had in a long time. Headed home tired but happy.


Rooftop cocktails followed by a late-night search for fries and the very best conversation until almost 3am. Thanks @alphamom ❤️❤️

“Friends don’t date friend’s ex-boyfriends. It’s, like, the rules of feminism.” #meangirlsbroadway

A fun day yesterday speaking on working with brands for @techmunchconf and serving up cotton candy with @bloomlygrows followed by dreamy cocktails and food at @abckitchenand a rickshaw ride to a broadway show. ❤️❤️ #bemorechillmusical


Nerd-level excited to be seeing this before it hits broadway. #bemorechillbroadway


I accidentally ordered the large print version which led me to accidentally realizing that this is probably how I need to be reading books from now on. #thisis40ish


Henna art from the swap meet. @indiahowerton


Life Lately


Wonder twin powers: activate!

“If no one draws something going into my mouth are we even friends.” – Claire

Just dropped a gaggle of kids off at a church event in my minivan so I guess I really have become my own mother.

I love giving books as much as I love getting them.

This balm for the working mom is off to a friend who inspires me to be better through her vulnerability and tenacity. 😘

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Time to post awkward videos of my kids learning irrelevant dances in formalwear! #cotilion