Life Lately

Today, and my first Mother’s Day (with Jafta and pregnant with India). 

The barrels have changed a bit …

Almost two decades of spending Mother’s Day at @restauranthabana. Cuban food is my happy place. 💃🏼


Happy Mother’s Day to those of you navigating relationships with toxic mothers. To those who have had to erect boundaries that leave you ambivalent or alone today. To those who walk down the card aisle for this day and look for something humorous because the emotional cards feel phony and sad given the reality you lived with.

Happy Mother’s Day to the foster mamas in the sticky, tricky place of not knowing if the child you are mothering today will be the child you are mothering this time next year.

Happy Mother’s Day to the hopeful mamas who dread this day almost as much as each monthly confirmation that pregnancy eluded them once again. To those who skipped church this morning because the public recognition of that which you are longing for is too painful to bear. To the women who feel confusion, anger, pain, and fear about why motherhood comes so easily to some . . . even to those who don’t want it, when it has been your life dream.

Happy Mother’s Day to the mama’s whose children are being raised by others, who feel the ache of that decision (or those circumstances) more keenly on this day.

Happy Mother’s Day to the moms whose children are fighting battles with addiction or mental illness. Who say prayers for protection and safety each night for the sweet children whose adulthood looks nothing like what they would have planned.

Happy Mother’s Day to the women who have lost mothers, and would give anything for one more day.

Happy Mother’s Day to the mamas who have lost children, who never got to see the dreams they had for them fulfilled. Whose empty arms ache every day, but especially today.

Happy Mother’s Day to the aunts, friends, grandmas, teachers, and caregivers who mother the children in their own family and community each and every day. (This photo is of Kembe and his primary nanny at the orphanage where he lived for three years.)

Happy birthday @tracytaber! Cheers to two-decades long friendships.


Kinda wishing we chose flute right about now.

Catching up with Uncle Fred. Wish you were here @aus_rivers@bigdaddyd_44

Life Lately

Karis came to me with an idea for her birthday cake. “Do you have a photo of what you want to do?” I asked. “No. It’s all in my head,” she said. Love her creativity! She totally pulled it off. And yes, matching her dress to the cake was 💯 intentional.

On Saturday I went to a gala straight from the airport. Tonight I grabbed a dress from my unpacked suitcase, worn last week to the Iris Awards and not yet washed, and threw it on for another gala. It’s just non-stop glamour over here. Is this what Dave Ramsey meant about doing rich people things? (Would ask but he blocked me on Twitter.) #thatgalalifestyle@royalfamilykids

When you’re in a fancy dress ready to go to a gala but accidentally paint your nails before you put on deodorant and your friend loves you enough to apply it for you. #truefriendship #sacrificiallove@cleezy

Behold what a sporty family we are! Look at the amazing sports-appropriate outfits we were able to assemble for the first day of soccer practice for the school’s intermural soccer. 😂😂 Whatevs. This yearly event is the only time I can convince either of them to play a sport. I will accept whatever they wanna wear. #goteam#theaterkids

Someone’s excited to see Avengers Endgame tonight. @indiahowerton #marvelgeek

Life Lately

When you fly home and have to go straight to your school’s “rock star” costume gala and your friends figure out the most low-key, easy group costume ever. #roadies #backstagecrew #imsotired#butwearingcomfortableclothes

Me and people whose names start with a J, all cleaned up for the #irisawards#mom2summit

Shop talk and heart talk and maybe a little shit-talk with some of my favorite people in the world. ❤️❤️ #mom2summit

Ready to chat podcasting with these lovelies at mom2summit. Yes it’s 11am and I’m having champagne. Come join us in room H!

Egg hunting and a “toast bar” and mimosas and neighbors who are like family. ❤️❤️ @cleezy @shesgonnalive

Our church said a corporate prayer for @rachelheldevanstoday. She’s heavy on my mind in the midst of celebration, as are some other friends going through pain and loss. Life is joy and struggle. God be near. That’s all I’ve got today.


Me: If you boys go to the skatepark all day you will miss dying eggs
The boys: We don’t care
The boys, upon arriving home: YOU DID IT WITHOUT US?! 🙄😂🙄😂

Life Lately

Gratuitous cute cousin photos


We found the cutest little skate spot/coffee shop last night and had to go back again today. Three of the four insisted they bring their boards on this trip which was interesting (annoying and inconvenient) to navigate on the plane and in our tiny rental car. Feels good to find places to use them. @ridenature

Waffle House, then a stroll through a nature preserve, then sorting great-grandma’s buttons

and doing a puzzle with grandpa. A simple pleasures kind of a day.

                                                                            Spring-break bound!


Life Lately

Did a little tween room refresh with India today. Swipe left for the “before.” Gallery walls are my love language.

Kindness week at school. ❤️❤️


Just feeling really good tonight about the example of active living I’m setting for my kids. 😂

Jafta and I had a blast this morning at @stonewallkitchencs’s cooking school. We learned to make gazpacho, avocado toast, arancini, and panna cotta. Thank you @anatomyofabite and @maxschlutz#foodiejafta


First grade was apparently a rough year for Sam and Karis. (When your neighbors are more like siblings 😂😂) @cleezy