Life Lately


Wonder twin powers: activate!

“If no one draws something going into my mouth are we even friends.” – Claire

Just dropped a gaggle of kids off at a church event in my minivan so I guess I really have become my own mother.

I love giving books as much as I love getting them.

This balm for the working mom is off to a friend who inspires me to be better through her vulnerability and tenacity. 😘

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Time to post awkward videos of my kids learning irrelevant dances in formalwear! #cotilion

Life Lately

It’s funny how little traditions can pop up on vacations in less than a week. Ours became taking a blanket down to the beach and playing games while we watched the sunset. (And of course, virgin drinks at the bar at happy hour.)

Last night of summer vacation. Games on the beach. Only one kid on a phone. 👍

I sure do like these people.

I introduced the kids to virgin daiquiris so now they are watching the clock for happy hour each day at the swim-up bar so I win at parenting or maybe I lose I don’t know …

Soaking up our last week of summer

Fanta y fresca

Carnitas tacos cooked by #foodiejafta himself. He’s mad I wouldn’t let him put chicharron on top. @jaftahowerton

Life Lately













What am I stressed out about in this #TBT from high school?
1. That my floppy disk is out of space?
2. That my bangs are flat?
3. That I’m wearing an all-state chorus t-shirt from Disneyworld as pajamas and thinking it’s cool?
4. That my Rum Raisin lipstick is drying out my lips?
5. That my scrunchie isn’t big enough?
















I asked this little book-hoarder to pick 20 books to donate. She made a pile and now just reads them in a new place. 🙄😂 📚
















Me: You look so nice!
Her: I was just feeling lazy so a threw on a dress.
👆Karis describing my entire approach to fashion.








Life Lately

Loved getting to see my friends in the premeire of #theroadtoedmond today. Congrats to @trippfuller @nathanlovestrees and @jdavidtrotter for a brave and bold film exploring the tricky intersection of faith and sexuality.

Don’t recall that passage but good to know.
A gorgeous night with a cute date while the older kids are at camp. If you are local this all-star cast of Annie was SO GOOD and playing the next 2 nights!

The Californians: we really do talk like that.

These three are off to sleep-away camp for the first time. By this age I’d been going to camp for years, but I’ve been ambivalent to send mine yet because a) church camps around here are an entire industry and stupidly expensive, and b) some of the practices of evangelical church camps make me squicky. Anyway, I found one I’m comfortable with, and two of the three are very excited. One is having a hard time parting with his phone. 😂 #sorrynotsorry #gomeetjesus #butinacasualway

Fried things.
❤️❤️❤️ @whoorl
Starting a gofundme for teen boy grocery bills.
To the man who flipped @jaftahowerton off while we took this photo: WE KNOW. WE ARE KIDDING.

Life Lately

We went on a corn pilgrimage during intermission of the Pink Floyd cover band and it was everything we ever hoped for and more. #cornjourney #eloteish 🌽

When your kids call bluff on your clever rules. Stick around for more great tips on parenting teens.

When you are all excited to clean your closet out but halfway through you just wanna quit and lie down.

Eleven inches donated to @locksofloveofficial. This is her second time growing out her hair to donate. A huge thanks to @floyds99barbershop who cut her hair for free (they do this for all hair donations.) She loves her new look.

#TBT soccer with a Maasai warrior NBD

Oh you know. Just a bunch of grown adults losing their minds at an Amy Grant concert. And yes. I brought a karaoke mic. What of it. 

Filming and lead vocals: @matthewpaulturner .